Free the Children is an international children’s charity founded by children’s rights advocate Craig Kielburger in 1955.  Ever since then, they have built over 650 schools and school rooms around the world and has reached to over one million young people throughout North America and they keep progressing every year.  Their missions are to free children from poverty and exploitation and to also free young people from the belief that they are powerless to make a positive change in the world.  In my opinion, Free the Children is a successful and inspiring charity that can easily change the world with their act of children helping children through education.  Free the Children is the world’s largest network where children are lending out a hand to other children internationally.  With their help, partnerships have helped Free the Children developed its impact around the world.

Free the Children

One of their visionary partners is Disney’s Club Penguin.  Free to play, it is one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing virtual worlds for children that provide safe and family fun.  In a constant snowy world, you play as a penguin waddling around playing games and activities.  Together with dedication and a vision, Free the Children and Club Penguin have recognized the dreams of countless children internationally.  They have powerful leadership and originality that together they can make an everlasting impact for the positive.

Club Penguin

Besides the safety, fun, and the hope to create global citizenship, one of the brilliant reasons why Club Penguin and Free the Children got involved together, was because of the way Club Penguin makes a difference: through a virtual world.  In our society today, full of globalization and change, technology is one of main providers of world connection as a whole.  This is where Club Penguin comes into play, through their virtual world being a penguin; children can play with other children on the Internet all around the world.  The main focus between Free the Children and Club Penguin is basically helping the world and making a positive impact.  And they have both done that singularly but also with the assistance of one another.  They both have children helping children.

Having being part of the Club Penguin community for about 3 years now, I was surprised finding out that I have been contributing to Free the Children charity ever since the day I named my very own penguin.  I had bought a membership for extra fun in the penguin world not knowing the impact I was making on the lives of children and families around the world.  Did you know that for every membership bought on Club Penguin, part of the proceeds go to Free the Children?  I had no idea of this, 3 years ago, but when I found out recently I felt a sense of joy knowing that I made a positive difference.  Just imagine the approximate number of 12 million accounts all contributing to Free the Children each year.  All of those children helping children in need.

Coins for Change

Another way Club Penguin contributes to Free the Children charity is through the Coins for Change program that happens in December every year.  This is where penguins can donate their virtual coins to a pot that can change the world.  Just last year members gave 12,261,193,800 virtual coins to the pot; this means that they gave $300,000 towards building safe places around the world with the help of Free the Children charity.  I also contributed to the number of coins by donating about 200 in the pot just last year.  Even though this game is meant for younger children, I still like helping children around the world and knowing the fact I did.  This Coins for Change program is a fantastic way that Club Penguin and Free the Children have made a difference around the world.

Being a Club Penguin member, I am very proud of myself knowing that I can make a difference just by playing a game.  Club Penguin and Free the Children are excellent partners in change that keep making a great impact on the children of the world every day.  Together, with their vision, they can change the world with benefits for everyone.

Children helping children.

Love from Miss Teen Strathcona County-World 2011 and Club Penguin member,

            -Sarah Brown <3

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