So today is July 6th meaning that I leave for Toronto in three days.  I am soooooo excited to meet all the girls, to be in the competition, but to also just be in Toronto.  I know that it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity so I plan to cherish every single moment.

3 days <3

This saturday is the first day where you can go online and vote.  I would seriously LOVE it if you could vote for me, but you have to confirm your e-mail when you vote.  The link is: Just go there, scroll down to my name and picture and click vote!  And please tell your friends and family to vote, this means the world to me.  And if I get the most votes out of all the delegates, I get the People’s Choice Award and I also get fast tracked into the top 20, which would be a dream come true!

Today, my plans are to go tanning at Fabutan, go find and buy a talent costume for my solo, buy some shoes, pajamas, and clothes, go to my chiropractor appointment, then get my nails done.  It’s going to a pretty busy day, but I know I can handle it.

I also found out today that next week we will be going to a store opening for Stylexchange and that everything will be 50% off!  And I just went onto their website and they have GORGEOUS clothes and accessories.  So I think you should totally check them out!

Miss Teen Strathcona County-World

My next blog entry will be all about my life ever since the moment I got the crown placed on my head and what it’s like being Miss Teen Strathcona-World 2011.  I will either write it tonight or tomorrow, depending on how much time I have.  I hope you enjoy reading my blogs. (:

Well that’s all for now!


     -Sarah Brown <3

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  1. Terry says:

    voting for your success

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