Wanna be a super model?  But at the same time have a normal life??

Well then check out how Sarah Brown does it! She’s a high school student by day, but after that three o’clock bell rings, she’s quickly slides on the wig and races to the studio to start filming the movies by the name of Emily Black.

Just casually walking to school

Growing up in the Big Apple, she learns how to adapt to fashion, style her hair, and to do her make-up according to her different lifestyles.  Sarah dresses at her best every day while she attends school and deals with drama day by day.  Balancing cat fights, boyfriends, best friend calamities, mystery meats, and homework, she still finds the time to solve the problems and have fun.  But after those tiring times spent at school, she knows that the ride to the studio is always relaxing… Or is it always?

Anyways, while she drives to her second life, Sarah always pulls out her red bob from her Marc Jacobs purse.  Now this purse has been with her, her whole life.  To Africa, around Spain, through Alaska, and in Japan.  She won’t ever take another purse on her journeys because her grandma bought it for her before she died.  But people do try and pressure her to change, and with her perseverance she sticks with the original.  Will someone push her too hard to change?

Listening to the director

At the studio, Sarah always tries to do her best all the time.  Memorizing lines and actions while learning where to walk, she still has time for homework.  Because even though she may be a superstar after 3pm, school work always comes first… or second.  Being an actress in movies, she has the chance to meet big stars like Emma Watson, Gerard Butler, and Zach Galifianakis.  Having a blast most of the time, sometimes things don’t always work out the way she wants…

But through the fun times and the hard times, Sarah loves having two lives.  She may have different clothes or shoes or hair, but the two things that stay the same are the make-up she uses by Rimmel and the actually true hearted, down to earth, sweet girl she is.  Out of all whom have a double life, Sarah would definitely be at the top, and she plans to stay like that forever.  But will it last?

Top sponsors of Binary Brown are:  

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs


Marc Jacobs provided Sarah’s original purse, and also some of the clothes seen on the show. 





Rimmel was the make-up set on all of the actors and actresses on the show; Sarah is constantly using their lip-gloss.

So stay tuned because August 5th is the season premiere where Sarah shows you the beginning of her double life.  And watch every Friday for a new comedic, yet dramatic episode.

Binary Brown (check it out)


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