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So I would’ve written this entry on Canada Day or yesterday, but I was very busy and did not have time to go on a computer.  Yesterday, I was getting ready for the pageant, which is in 6 days!! Ahhh!!  Anyways, I had to go get extensions, book hair appointments, and get everything planned out for Toronto.  But that’s not the real topic of this entry today, it’s about CANADA DAY!!

Sherwood Park Parade

Early morning on the first day of July, I woke up with thee biggest smile on my face.  Why??  Because I was going to be in the Sherwood Park parade at 10am.  Quickly, I got ready for the special day and ran out the door to my vehicle.  When I got to the Sherwood Park Mall, I found huge floats and a lot of people getting ready for the parade.  But my eyes focused on to the eight beautiful horses waiting to pull me in a carriage.  These were the Hitchmasters Percherons.  Getting on to the top where the driver sits, I met Neil Dimmock; he was the owner of the company and the one who would be steering these horses along the route of the parade.  Being the biggest and entry number 14, my lucky number, we moved our way closer to the front.  Ohh man, was it ever freaky when the horses took the first few steps.  I can tell you my hand was gripping tightly to my seat!  After I relaxed and got closer, we had to stop to wait for the RCMP and bagpipe players to start walking.

The beautiful Iris Evans

While we were waiting, I saw about 6 or 7 cars carrying different federal government icons.  But the first one to catch my eye was a baby blue convertible with the sign saying “Iris Evans, MLA”.  Now, this woman represents Sherwood Park and is an inspiration to myself.  She was a single mother with children living on welfare.  Through her tough times, she managed to pull round with confidence and determination and has now been an icon for Sherwood Park since 1997.  Wanting to find her, I searched and searched along all the cars but found nothing.  Then all of a sudden, she’s standing right beside the carriage saying these words to me, “you look beautiful.”  Those three little words gave me the biggest self confidence boost ever.  Smiling and saying thank you, I screamed for joy in my head.  Finally I heard the familiar tune of the bagpipes and the even pattern of the Mounties; it was time for the show.

A 'princess' riding in her carriage

We were off!  As soon as I saw all the people from my community, I got this sense of hope.  So I started smiling and waving to familiar and unfamiliar faces.  When we past the judges’ table, I gave a HUGE smile and waved to all eleven of them.  It was so much fun just riding in the carriage with the horses pulling us along.  But the best parts were when little girls would look up to me shouting, “Look it’s a princess!”  Whenever I heard these words, I realized that I can be an inspiration and that awareness filled my heart with love.  As we travelled along the route, I saw my friends and family all waving and smiling as I past them.  I would never trade that day for anything!

When we got to the mall again, everyone from the company started un-hitching the horses.  And while I was sitting there waiting for the go to get down, a lady from the judges came up to us saying that we had won Best Overall and Best Equestrian in the parade.  The day kept getting better and better.  After thanking everyone from Hitchmasters, I had to leave and spend Canada Day with my family.

Later that day, I met up with some friends and walked around Festival Place and Broadmoor Lake looking at the decorations and vendors but also waiting for the fireworks to start.  Finally when it was getting close to the time, we found a spot to sit to watch the show.  Talking and smiling to my friends, we heard the famous Justin Bieber’s “U Smile, I Smile” start to play with exciting fireworks firing off.  Red, purple, white, green, and blue colors flashed across the sky and reflected off the lake to different well-known songs.  It’s great knowing that a community so big can come together and watch lights shoot up and above.  After the last firework had shot up into the sky, everyone started to trail home to continue the celebration.  But when I went home, I trailed off to bed.  And that was how I spent the first day of July 2011.

Canada Day!

Happy Birthday Canada (:


     – Sarah Brown <3

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