Today was the first day going to the CN tower and believe me, it’s not what I expected! The tower was huge! I am so terrified of heights that I really didn’t want to go up, butit sucked it up, put my big girl pants on. and went for it. Once I was up there, I had no regrets. It was breath-taking.After being up for awhile, I thought that that was all there was to see, but I was wrong. We went on the glass floor! It was so scary but exhilarating all at the same time! I had a blast and can definitely say that it was a very memerable trip! 

After that we went to the distillery district. I had never been nor heard of this place before, but it was fantastic! When we first arrived, I was stunned by how gorgeous and antique looking the environment was. I wanted to go look around so badly and I was soon going to have the chance. Rob Cambell came to the front and told us that we were going to do a scavenger hunt. Of course, I was so excited and ready to find some prizes. Once he said go, Lindsay and I were off, running in heels down the cobblestone looking for little pink papers that could win us prizes! I was the first one to find one & lucky me, I won a free gelatto! Lindsay found one shortly after and we quickly went to redeem our prizes. After eating gelatto, I went shopping for a bit and found my mom some really cute gifts and later left.

The next place the bus took us was to the mall. Now, by now, we’re kind of used to people looking at us in public and taking pictures because I mean come on, we’re a bunch of girls walking around town with sashes and tiaras on, but once we got to the mall, it was insane. Everywhere we turned there were people talking pictures of us and I loved it! I had so much fun posing with kids who looked up to me and thought I was a princess. That’s one thing I will never get bored of! The Eden Center mall sponsored all of us with 50$ gift cards. If you think about how much money that is, you’d be just as blown away as me. Thank you so much for having as at your mall, doing all that was nessesary for our safety and sponsoring us the gift cards! Thank you!

Later on, we had a speech by former Canadian Idol judge, Zach Werner. Although I’m not a singer, I still learned a lot from him and success and making it the world in general. He really showed me why you need to take life seriously and I found it very useful. After that we got dinner and went to bed. We had a very long and exhausting day ,  but I loved every minute of it!

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