Rehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal. I swear, I know these dances like the back of my hand!Although we practice a lot and it’s very tiring, I am so happy we are! Ireally want this whole performance and show to go smoothly and if that means practicing for 7 hours straight, so be it! Besides, I love to dance, so it isn’t hurting me any! Even though I’m a dancer and we have to pick up choreography really fast, I don’t have the best memory.Sometimes it takes me awhile to completely understand what it is we’re doing and Make sure I’m doing the right step at the right time.  I love love love love LOVE our dances. They’re so much fun and I feel like I can be myself on stage when we do them! I cannot wait for the show so that we can preform! For dinner the sixth night, we went to a little restaurant called “Frankie’s Tomatto’s” that had an amazing italian buffet. It all tasted really good and I would recommend going to anyone!

So to wrap things up, throughout the two days, we practiced a lot and I know some girls are complaining, but I have confidence that our dance and performance will be amazing, we’ll look beautiful and have the most fun as possible! 🙂

Written by: Kelsey Bryant
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