LOVE LOVE LOVE! Best organisation i've ever worked with!

Today was amazing. Thank you to all of the lovely ladies who sponsored us today and gave us very very very lovely gifts!

Super comfy!

Not only did we get S-Trip bags that had some funky sun glasses in them, but we also got some very pretty purpleish/silver nail polish from Cheeky Monkey, some super comfy, machine washable and MTC-W 12 imprintedslippers from Sallazz (They were given away at Michael Buble’s weeding!!) and also some extremely useful information about Free The Children, the organisation we’ve been saving for for the past few months! I had more than a blast today and

Cute Nail Polish

I’m so blessed to be here and be experiencing all of this with such sweet and genuine people. Tomorrow is going to be so fantastic and I’m extremely excited to see what’s in store.

Thank you to everyone who made this so special and I’ll see you all tomorrow morning bright and early for our photo shoot, video shoot and interview! Sweet dreams!


I love the S-Trip so much!

Written by: Kelsey Bryant
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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Hello Kelsey Bryant, Miss Teen Strathcona County. Don’t forget categories and tags and you may have to add some text to make the pictures settle in and align better. Perhaps this is a work in progress? I wont judge. yet

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