Jennifer and I, smiling our hearts out

So today was the first day where all the girls and I actually went outsideof the hotel.  My roommate, Jennifer Tessier and I woke up at 5am to start getting ready for the day.  We had to be outside our door at exactly 6:15 for breakfast.  Some of the girls, Jennifer, and I ate at this little restaurant in the middle of a semi-forest.  Eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, and toast were just the food items I needed in my stomach.  After breakfast, we drove back to the hotel to pick up the other girls and to load onto another vehicle.


Now, this vehicle we jumped on was one of the Hippos of Toronto.  It was a “unique 40 passenger vessel that offers land and water tours.”  It was sooooooo cool.  And when we weren’t the only ones getting on the vehicle, but a few others.  Miss Teen World 2010, Miss United States,Miss Teen USA, and ETalk all came on board.  Boy, was it ever amazing seeing and meeting actually beauty queens while being on TV.  This trip will definitely never be forgotten.  After travelling on land and in the water, we went to our next stop.

Glass floor in the CN tower

The CN Tower was next on our schedule today.  Having this be my first time, I found the elevator quite exciting, especially with the glass floor.  Once all the girls and I were at the top, we all started to take pictures of everyone and everything, so we could capture those moments at their finest.  After this fun journey, it was time for lunch.

Bowling at the Ballroom

The girls, beauty queens, and I went to The Ballroom for food and a game of bowling.  This place was super sick (in a good way).  It had ten bowling lanes with two lounges at either ends.  There, we had delicious grilled cheese sandwiches and salads to eat.  But before we ate, I played a game of bowling with six other girls.  Laughing and cheering, we all had so much fun.  And playing for only my second time, I got the lowest score of 93.  Although, I wouldn’t trade today for the world.  Once we were all finished bowling and eating, we went back to the hotel for some walking practice.

After the practice, we all got ready to go out for supper.  Taking the bus, we went to Greek restaurant for a delectable and filling meal.  This outing was super special because Miss Teen World, Anastasia Sidiropoulou, is from Greece.  So it was very nice to see her have a taste of her country.  Anyways, after supper was a quick run through of tomorrow’s activities then we got our opening number dresses and our shoes for the opening and bathing suit competition.  But now it’s time for bed, I shall blog again tomorrow.


     -Sarah Brown <3

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