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Even though I’m only sixteen years old and don’t know much about life, I do know that the world is an amazing place with endless possibilities and opportunities. If I had the opportunity to go anywhere in the world it would have to be Halifax, Nova Scotia for many reasons. Not only is Halifax a beautiful place with parries worth a thousand words, sights that leave you wanting more and a breath-taking environment, but it’s also the one place that I feel I can call a home away from home.Now, don’t be mistaken. I haven’t been to Halifax before, but I can see how you would think that by the way I speak of it. The reason why I know so much is because my mom lived there when they were younger.

When my mom was 12, my grandpa died. Doctor Edmond Quinlan was the best doctor in Halifax. Whenever there was a problem, my grandpa was the first person that people would call. He was a legend in the world of doctors and everyone looked up to him, especially his family. When my grandpa died of cancer, everything changed. He left behind six children and a loving wife, but they definitely forget him. Even though I wasn’t alive, I know how it affected my mom and her siblings. I always hear about how amazing of a person he was and how much of a difference he made and I wish that I could have met him.

That’s another reason why I wish to go to Halifax. His ashes are spread in a field by where they used to live. Not too far away is his tomb stone. I want to go there to see what kind of life my grandfather lived and see what he saw, walk in his shoes and develop more of an understanding of what struggle one carries with cancer.

The lovely place they call Halifax is definitely a dream vacation for me. I would be more than lucky to have the opportunity to go there and would be blessed to even see his tomb stone. Most people go to Halifax, Nova Scotia to see the sights and wake up to the warm breeze every day, but all I want is an opportunity to get closer to someone that I never had the chance to meet.

Even though I never met him, I can still feel him guiding me through my life

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