Did I think could look the way I did? No, no I did not, but I guess that’s a good thing! The amazing make-up artists that were provided for the very eventful day we had ahead of us! We had our morning awakenings by Christi or Chris and were brought down to the “lower level” floor and were served breakfast down in a little room. I was sort of nervous being in such a big room with these amazingly gorgeous women considering how long I knew them. I have to admit that I was a little intimidated by everyone, but soon enough, I fit in like a hand in a glove!

Picture they took

As we waiting in that room with our hair done up and visage clear as day, I began to think about what was about to happen these next few days. I mean, I was sitting in the holding room of Miss Teen Canada. That’s insane! Shortly after, I was pulled into a room across the way to get my make-up done.

When it comes to make-up, I have to say that I can be pretty picking, but only because I know what I like. I’m up for any kind of make-up really, but I’m not used to getting mine done professionally. I don’t wear much make-up as it is, so I was a little nervous as to what I would look like with colors like black and browns, but I at the end of it all, I LOVED IT! It was perfect for what I wanted and I was so trilled! Thanks so much to my make-up artist! Definitely going to her again!

Hair and make-up = DONE!

After that was my hair. Having naturally curly hair, I’m always curious to see what they’ll come up with next. When I first met my hair stylist, she was super loud, bubbly and outgoing, so of course I was excited to see what she could do! After it was done, I completely loved it! I was so happy with the way I looked at the end of everything, so I knew it was time to complete the rest of my duties for that day.

Next up was the photo shoot. I really liked having my picture taken! I felt like a supermodel! I actually felt very comfortable around the photographer and he definitely knew what he was doing and what he wanted out of me and the rest of the girls. I was very pleased with the way my photo turned out and my family was too!

Later on I did my video.  I know that some of the girls were nervous for this, but I really wasn’t! I love being in front of the camera (mostly because of my love for acting) and the director was very nice, understanding and professional. The questions they asked me were perfect. I absolutely adored them! One of the questions they asked me was “Who would you marry if you had the choice”, so of course I chose Channing Tatum! He’s so cute J Lastly, I had my interview. Now, I can’t speak much of it, but I was super nervous before, I had fun and a stress has been lifted!

So much fun!

To wrap the night up, we had an evening with several presentations called “Mentor Night”.  Rob Cambell was there and he introduced them and helped us with the entire night. In all honesty, the night was a blast and I learned a lot… a lot more than I thought I would! I’ve already blogged about it, so if you want to check it out just click the link! Thank you to all of the chaperones for taking care of us and also to Rob and the speakers for sharing with us! Thanks so much!

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