Being a dancer, I am always super ready to work out and love a good way to break a sweat. What I was expecting from the work out class we took on Monday was far from just breaking a sweat! I was pouring water from every part of my body! I’ve got to say that I was worked more than I thought I would be and I am so glad to have had that experience! Extreme fitness was a super awesome and comforting environment right from the start. Their intense knowledge of how the body works and their patience and perseverance really taught me a lot from that one lesson. We also had an awesome meal while we were there which was sponsored by “Fuel Foods”. I can honestly say that it was amazing! I didn’t know that really healthy food could be good as well! I had more than a little fun while being at Extreme Fitness and I would most definitely go back to work out again!

Love Her!

After the work out, we went back to our hotel where we began rehearsing with Shaun. I had remembered Shaun from the provincial’s pageant and man was I glad that he was our choreographer! I adore Shaun. He’s so funny, an amazing dancer and a quality guy to be around. He’s helping us so much with stresses like the dances all the way to how we walk. Shaun is a huge reason as to why I am improving and I couldn’t thank him enough!

This is completely off topic, but I just want to thank all of the chaperons for all that they’ve done for us. I would mainly like to point out Chris. Not only is he running around doing stuff for us and taking us places, but he’s missing meals to make us happy. He’s one of the people who has made this trip THAT much more amazing and I’m thrilled that he’s here!

Overall, I had an amazing day and I would love to do it again. Thanks to Stephanie Joanne, Fuel Foods and Shaun for all they’ve done!

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